Exposition de Freddy Tsimba à l'Africa Museum de Tervuren, 22 avril 2021 _ Galerie Angalia

The AfricaMuseum in Tervuren is devoting an exhibition to Freddy Tsimba. The exhibition will run until 15 August 2021.

The former Royal Museum for Central Africa, now known as the AfricaMuseum, is hosting a dialogue between the art of Freddy Tsimba and that of the writer Jean Bofane, making for a memorable exhibition and catalogue. “Somebody needed to tell the tale of Freddy Tsimba (…). I had always wanted to find out about the origins of his work”, confessed In Koli Jean Bofane. “I studied the dialogue between him and death. I have realised that he escapes death twice over in his stories. How does he do this? Through the power of words.”

The Congolese writer is the exhibition’s curator and has created a dialogue between 22 of Freddy Tsimba’s works and some 30 museum artefacts, seeking to connect the memories contained in the ethnographic artefacts with the spirit of the sculptor’s work. However, he also links the sculptures with the realm of literature, using his novelist’s imagination to describe the encounter between the artist and death, in an unpublished text taken from his upcoming book, Nation cannibale.

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