Angalia Gallery is delighted to announce Catheris Mondombo’s first solo show in Europe.

Catheris works on second-hand tarpaulins, salvaging them from markets in Kinshasa. In his own way Catheris is addressing Kinshasa’s excess waste issue by giving these salvaged tarpaulins a new lease of life. However, the symbolic aspect goes further.

For Catheris, the salvaged tarpaulins reflect the socioeconomic situation of the people of Kinshasa, and beyond that, the precariousness of the human condition. He makes use of rips in the tarpaulins. Dressings and stitching conceal the holes, simultaneously repairing the medium and the subject.

The exhibition illustrates two of his favourite themes: the history of DR Congo and women’s lives.

Catheris Mondombo joined the Angalia gallery in 2022. In the same year, he presented a solo show in New York at Ethan Cohen Gallery, which represents him in the United States.

from 15.03 to 27.04.2024
10-12 rue des Coutures Saint Gervais – 75003 Paris

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