Catheris Mondombo rejoint la galerie_Actualité_mars 2022

We are delighted to announce that the gallery is now representing Catheris Mondombo.

Aged 30, Mondombo lives in Kinshasa, and is carving a unique path by working on worn tarpaulins that he salvages from the capital’s markets and street sellers. Damaged by time, bad weather and handling, these waste fabrics give his work a powerful symbolic dimension. They reflect the socioeconomic situation of the people of Kinshasa, and beyond that, the precariousness of the human condition.

Catheris has created a large number of portraits, particularly of women, which play on the contrast between the classic beauty of the faces and these damaged media. In the Notre histoire series, he bears witness to the DRC’s colonial past by using simplified shapes and flat tints of pure colours to convey a direct message. The series was shown in Kinshasa in 2021 at the Texaf-Bilembo cultural centre.

Catheris has been supported by Angalia since 2021, and is also represented in New York by the Ethan Cohen Gallery, which hosted a solo exhibition for him in February-March 2022.

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