Steve Bandoma, Kura Shomali and Tsham all have one thing in common – they work on paper, a relatively unusual medium in Kinshasa. All three are recognized on the international art scene, and they have now come together in an exhibition curated by Chantal Tombu at the Texaf Bilembo cultural centre.

“As image makers, these artists disseminate messages and original depictions of our society. Stroke by stroke, their works sketch out collective portraits and are writing the history of art in their country. Kura Shomali embodies the voice of the people, Raymond Tsham is bringing back to life ancient arts, and Steve Bandoma dissects the harsh truth.” This exhibition is accompanied by a very comprehensive publication, the second volume in a collection about Congolese contemporary art launched by Texaf Bilembo.

Papiers de société : Kura Shomali, Raymond Tsham et Steve Bandoma
Espace Texaf Bilembo
Kinshasa, DRC
16/4/21 to 30/5/21