We are pleased to announce that the Maison Ruinart Prize, named after the famous champagne house, has been awarded this year to Gosette Lubondo. This prize is awarded every year during Paris Photo with the support of the Picto Foundation. It distinguishes one of the artists presented in the Curiosa sector, dedicated to emerging artists.

Gosette benefited from a residency in Champagne, at the headquarters of the House of Ruinart, in June and September 2021, where she created a series entitled Manu solerti (“with an expert hand”). This will be exhibited at Paris Photo 2021.

– « My approach was based on paying tribute to the know-how of these workers by depicting the different trades. These depictions show the movements that they make on a daily basis in the production areas. The series title conveys both the age-old dimension of the know-how and the expertise involved ».