We are delighted to announce Gaël Maski’s first solo exhibition. L‘étoffe des rêves (The Fabric of Dreams) will take place at Angalia gallery from 9 November 2023, the date of the opening reception (from 18:00).

Maski uses his photocollage technique to merge the real and imaginary worlds in artworks with a surrealist feel. His works draw inspiration from the lived experience of Kinshasa’s inhabitants.

“I draw inspiration from my local area, working with deprived families, people who have “fallen on hard times”, from my neighbourhood in Kinshasa. This context gives me first-hand experience of the link between the imagination and reality, by depicting those who constantly use their imagination to overcome the very tough reality of daily life.”

A catalog will be published for the occasion.

Opening on Thursday, November 9, 2023.

from 10.11 to 23.12.2023
10-12 rue des Coutures Saint Gervais – 75003 Paris